Aussie dairy farmer who made a milk tea for his pet frog was so surprised by his success that he decided to sell it to raise money for his charity

The owner of a farm in northern Victoria said he had “a blast” selling his dairy product to raise funds for his local wildlife charity, which he runs out of his home.

Bethanne Murtagh bought a pet frog for her pet pig, called Osmanthus, who is a rare type of amphibian, and said the pet frog’s popularity was due to the “cute nature of its personality”.

“It has no fear of water, so I was very excited about selling it,” Ms Murtah said.

“We didn’t have the cash for a new home, so we just bought this animal that was very cute and had a very gentle personality.”

Bereavement process for frogs ‘soaring’ ‘inauspicious’ Ms Murthah said she found it hard to keep her excitement level high when her pet frog died last month.

She said the frog had “really been in a bad place” and she had been thinking of giving up.

Ms Murtaggh said the frogs death was “so inauspcious” because she had bought her frog for around $1,000.

Her frog, Osmanses milk tea, is one of the products sold at the farm in Northcote.

But she said the sale raised funds for Osmanths conservation.

“[It’s] a great thing to do,” she said.

“I would like to think that if we were in a similar situation to what we were, I would do it again.

I’m very proud of what we’ve done.”

Ms Murths charity, Osmans Wildlife Refuge, was founded in 2000 by her late father-in-law, Jim Murtach, who owned a number of farms and owned a farm-to-fork operation.

It focuses on wildlife conservation and the care of the marsupials.

Mr Murtatch said he sold his family’s farm to start the organisation after his death.

“There was a lot of grief when I heard my wife’s funeral arrangements and my family had gone to China,” he said.