How to make super milk tea

Made with the milk of a cow and some other ingredients, milk tea is a very versatile drink.

Its popularity is largely fuelled by its popularity in the US, where it’s known as a super milk drink.

Super milk tea has been made in Australia since the mid-1970s, and the recipe for this version is as simple as a milk cup, and even a spoon, can make the drink.

The drink, or super milk, is traditionally made with coconut milk, but it’s not uncommon to use the milk from cows of different species.

A good way to get your hands on some super milk is to visit a dairy farm or a milk supply store in your area.

This super milk recipe, which uses milk from a cow, has a good range of different dairy products.

If you’re not sure how to make your own, check out our video below.

Make a cup of super milk with the recipe belowMake a super cup of milk with our milk tea recipeHere’s how you make super tea:Make a milk tea (also called a super chocolate milk tea)The milk used in the recipe is actually coconut milk from the cow, but not coconut milk that’s grown on the farm.

The milk has been aged in a cheese grater for about three weeks to give it a richer, more chocolatey taste.

The milk is strained through a fine mesh strainer and then the milk is poured into a fine-mesh strainer.

This is the only way to add the milk into a drink.

The milk is left to steep for 15 minutes before it is strained again.

The water in the milk tea can be filtered through a cheese filter.

This will help remove some of the dairy-derived nutrients, such as lactose and lactose-like compounds.

Once the milk has cooled and is ready to drink, add a small amount of sugar to the milk and mix well.

Use a spoon to scoop up the liquid and use it to make a tea cup.

The final step is to steep the tea for five minutes in a tea kettle.