What to know about milk tea comic strip story and its creators: The AP

A milk tea maker in a tiny village in northern Thailand has become an internet sensation, and the creators of the tale are making a living doing it.

The creator, a man named Yohanna, has become something of a celebrity on social media, garnering thousands of fans on his own Facebook page, but also a huge amount of online traffic for a small story about a village in Thailand’s western province of Pattani.

The story was originally published in the online publication “Kamut” and has garnered thousands of shares on the social media platform, according to Yohannas website.

It is a fictionalized version of a story of milk tea made by the famous village of Moochai, according a post by the author on the website.

The author wrote that he first encountered the story in the pages of a local newspaper in 2011, and decided to make it a reality in order to share the story with the readers of his local newspaper.

Yohanna said the story was born out of frustration, and he was not satisfied with the response.

The first time the story appeared on his Facebook page was on Oct. 14, 2012, he said.

It has since gained millions of shares.

The comic strips were first published online in the Thai edition of “KAMUT” in October 2016.

They have since been published in several other languages, including Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai and Arabic.

“People all over the world can tell the story of Moolchai and get the story across in a way that we could never have imagined,” Yohanne said in an interview with AP.

He said the creators made their money off of the story.

He said he has never made any money from the comic strips.

The creators of Milk Tea Comics have not responded to requests for comment.