When Tara and her mother were first given milk tea comic books in school, Tara says it changed her life

Tara and Tama were two young girls when their mother, Tara Brown, gave them milk tea comics to read.

“They were funny, they were a great comfort to me,” Tara says.

Tara and her parents were living in Ireland when they were introduced to milk tea and the concept of tea was so new to them.

“It’s a drink made from the milk of cows,” Tara explains.

“When I was a kid, I didn’t know what milk tea was and I just thought it was a big joke,” Tama adds.

“I thought it’s funny when you see people getting milk tea because they know it’s milk.”

While Tama and Tara were enjoying their first tea book together, Tara decided to tell the story of how Tara’s mother had first heard of tea and milk.

“The first one that I remember, the tea book came out,” Tara remembers.

“My mum was like, ‘Oh, you’ve got to have a milk tea book,’ and I was like ‘What?

No, it’s a joke’,” Tara says, chuckling.”

But my mum was a great teacher, and I remember she would have tea books all over the house.”

Tara says her mother had been in a relationship for almost 30 years when she brought the story to the attention of her grandson, Luke.

“She’s like, this is a very, very good story and I love it,” Tara recalls.

“We’d read it to him a couple of times and he’d like it and he loved it.”

Tama remembers that she had the story in the back of her mind for the last three years, but when her mother was able to get the book printed she had no choice but to read it.

“Tara would take her book with her to the library and when we came home, we’d just read it and it was like a revelation,” Tara says.

“He loved it, and he wanted me to read more of it.”

Luke and Tara share the love for the stories and it wasn’t until they got married that they began writing their own stories about tea.

“So we started writing our own tea stories and we started to have tea parties,” Tessa says.

While Luke and Tara have been making their own tea books, the girls say their love for milk tea is something that they’ll always treasure.

“Milk tea has always been something that we’ll always have in our hearts and that we will always want to share with others,” Tara Brown says.

“So when I got the milk tea books it was so much easier.”