The New Zealand government is giving its own version of the “Golden Milk” to every New Zealander

A New Zealand Government spokesperson has confirmed that the Government will allow “Golden” milk tea to be sold as an alcoholic drink in New Zealand.

The Kiwi Government has confirmed it will allow all Kiwi citizens to drink the “golden milk” tea that was created by the Australian company, Golden Milk, which is owned by David and Margret Harvey, who have been running the business since 2004.

“We believe this will enable New Zealanders to take advantage of the economic and cultural opportunities afforded by our Gold Coast and the Gold Coast region,” the spokesperson said.

Golden Milk has been in the New Zealand market since 2004, and it is not uncommon for Kiwis to purchase their own version, which comes in several flavours, including “gold-coated” and “gold milk tea”.

“Golden milk tea has been sold as a beverage in New Zeland since 2003 and has become the go-to drink for locals and tourists alike,” the company said in a statement.

Gold Coast Mayor Craig Gwin said that the decision by the Government was “great news for the Gold and Coast region”.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Health said it had been asked for comment and would respond in due course.

There are several Golden Milk products available in New Zealand there is no suggestion that Kiwis are being forced to drink a particular drink, the spokesperson added.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office said the Government’s decision was an example of how the Government had continued to listen to the advice of the community.

He said that as an example, the Government recognised that Kiwi consumers could purchase their Own New Zealand brand of Golden Milk tea and it would be available to purchase in supermarkets, as it had already been in stores.

While the spokesperson would not be drawn on the exact price of the Golden Milk brand, it was likely to be more expensive than the regular price of Golden milk tea in New York.

In October, the Kiwi Food Safety Authority announced that it had found the “real” Golden Milk drink to be “in poor taste” and had advised that it should be replaced with the “Goldcoated”, “gold infused” or “gold coated” versions.

An earlier version of this article misstated the number of people that have died of the coronavirus in New England in the last year.

It was 3,932.