COCOs caffeine-free milk tea has been on the market for a while.

But now the new milk tea from Mexican brand Coco has been named one of TIME Magazine’s best breakfast drinks.

The beverage’s creamy, smooth, and full of caffeine-infused flavor blends well with the flavor of Mexican hot chocolate, according to TIME.

Coco’s BOOSTER is the first caffeine-packed milk tea to be named Best Drink in a Magazine, the magazine’s editors wrote in a blog post about the beverage’s popularity.

“Coco’s BOUNDLESS COCOS BOOSTRING MILK TEA is an ideal addition to any breakfast menu, or a summer brunch,” the editors wrote.

“A refreshing cup of Coco’s fresh, sweet BOUNDOUS COCOCOS milk tea is packed with the caffeine-rich taste of its caffeine-laden counterpart.”

Coco was founded in 2016 and sells its caffeinated milk tea at more than 400 participating restaurants around the world.