When it comes to milk tea signature, you can’t be too choosy – Niklas Löwis

Niklas Lundqvist has been making the signature milk tea for years.

And he has a very good reason for it.

Löfvist is a Swede and the son of a dairy farmer in Malmo.

He doesn’t drink milk tea as often as his Swedish friends, but he enjoys the taste.

And his daughter, Niklas, loves it too.

When Niklas was five, he and his family moved to Malmo from Stockholm.

They had a nice farm and some nice cows.

In their house, there were no refrigerators, so they used to roast their own food.

They were also the first to put a milk jug in the fridge.

One day, when he was eight years old, Niklass got sick and started to get headaches.

He got a scan and found out he had a tumor in his stomach.

The doctors told Niklas that if he didn’t have surgery to remove the tumor, the tumor would spread and kill him.

So Niklas took off for the surgery, only to find out that it would be a long and arduous process.

He didn’t get the surgery at the hospital, and so he had to walk 10 kilometers to the nearest hospital.

Niklas had to take the same route every time.

His dad’s stomach tumor didn’t heal, and his mom didn’t want him to suffer like that, so she made him take an ice pack and put it over his stomach for a couple of days.

The next day, the surgeon had to remove his tumor.

Niklas went to a clinic and saw the surgeon, who told him that it was all part of the surgery.

Niklass’s mom gave him a glass of milk, and they both drank it, laughing.

A few months later, Niklaus was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma.

Niklaus had to have chemotherapy and a pacemaker implanted.

He was lucky, because his tumor has gone down.

Now Niklas has a tumor on his left side, but his tumor is not on his chest.

I think it was because he was drinking milk tea when he got sick.

Niklos’ father, Lars, who is also an alcoholic, says it’s a bad habit, but Niklas is very picky about what he eats and drinks.

He only drinks coffee and water, and when he’s not drinking milk he doesn’t really drink.

Nikas’ mother is still trying to figure out how to make milk tea with him.

But it’s been very therapeutic for Niklas.