How to drink hazelnuts in a mug and in a cup

Posted September 02, 2019 08:05:22A mug of hazel nut milk tea with the green tea infusion leaves you a happy person.

It’s a delicious beverage that will warm you up and keep you warm during a cold winter or hot summer.

However, you could also get a mug of it with the hazel nuts, and you can have it in a glass, or on a hot plate. 

This is how you can make this delicious and creamy cup of tea with hazelnuts.


Put a handful of hazell nuts in a small glass.

You can buy the nuts at the health food store, but it’s really important that they are the size of a peppercorn.


Add water and whisk to combine.


Add the tea leaves, then pour in the water.


Add more water if you need to, but leave the water in the cup.


Wash and dry the nuts. 

The nuts will keep for several weeks in the fridge.


You have now got a great, creamy, delicious cup of green tea with a green tea infused hazel.