‘We were just talking about how you get your milk out’ – the life of a tea vendor

Posted November 18, 2018 07:53:10When we first started our business, we had one customer for the milk tea service.

When she turned up, we didn’t expect to be doing that for the rest of the day.

It was really exciting for us.

We started with just three customers, so we were expecting to be a small shop, and I thought that it would be a big success.

I think we’re in the middle of our second year now.

I’ve been there for eight years, and my customers are now a lot bigger.

We’ve got a very well-known name and we’re very lucky to have that.

We’ve had two customers come in here from Australia.

One from Sydney, one from Brisbane, and they were very excited to come in.

They had a milk tea and they had to get it ready for them.

We had a couple of customers who didn’t get the milk and had to go out and buy it.

We were doing about six or seven deliveries a day, which is really good for us, but we had to start looking at the tea boxes because we’re only going to do the tea packets for a few days a month.

I was really happy to see that there was a huge interest in the tea.

We get about 400 requests a week.

I thought, ‘Oh, we’ve got some good tea.

Why don’t we do more tea boxes?’

We’re looking to do more boxes every other month.

We’re also getting a lot of enquiries about the tea itself, so hopefully people will start ordering milk tea on a regular basis.

We haven’t had any complaints so far, but people are coming in with complaints about the smell and not being able to get the tea out of their cups.

They’re just not able to make their own tea, so they’re complaining to us.

We’re really happy about that.

I’ve had some customers who were really concerned that the milk in their tea might not be good.

We don’t do milk tea at all.

We use a natural, naturally sweetened tea, which we think is a better tasting tea.

I think people are getting used to it.

We think people will adapt.

I mean, I think they’re going to start ordering more tea.

They’ll be buying more tea because they like milk tea.

We have two tea boxes now, but our customers are growing quite quickly.

We’ll be doing a box every other week.

We just had one person come in and we had no milk in there, so he ordered one tea.

It’s really fun for us because we’ve been doing this for so long.

It’s a very important part of our business and we know that it’s important to our customers.

If we don’t start offering tea boxes, it’s not a great idea.

We would rather be a traditional tea shop than a tea seller.

We do have to think about the future of the tea business, and it’s really important for us to look at the long term, to make sure that we keep growing and keep expanding.

If the tea industry doesn’t keep growing, we’re not going to survive.

We want to keep expanding, but at the same time we want to continue to grow and provide tea to the customers.