Irish women are not getting the milk tea they want, study finds

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A study by the University of Edinburgh has found that women who do not want to drink milk tea do not necessarily dislike it, and that they find it stimulating, relaxing and refreshing.

Dr Patricia McInerney, who carried out the research, said: “It’s quite striking that women don’t think milk tea is bad, as they find a lot of pleasure in drinking milk tea.”

The research showed that, while the majority of women found it stimulating and relaxing, a minority found it challenging and upsetting.

“A lot of the women said that milk tea made them feel ‘dizzy’.”

Women who felt this way may want to think about how they can help women with the transition to a more active lifestyle.

“It may be possible to improve their milk tea enjoyment by making sure they drink at least half a glass of milk each day.”

Dr McInever said that the research had found that the majority women enjoyed milk tea and were happy to drink it.

She added: “This is the first time we have found this to be the case.”

In my experience, the majority enjoy milk tea because they feel it’s an important part of a healthy diet and are happy to indulge in it.

“A recent survey found that most people who did not drink milk-based beverages were likely to say they wanted to.

However, many women do not enjoy the caffeine content of milk tea but do enjoy the experience of drinking milk-milk-milked tea.

Dr Mc Inever said: ‘There is a lot going on in the brain, and the milk that comes from the cow contributes to the release of certain neurotransmitters, which make us feel sleepy and relaxed.’

This could be one reason why many women find milk tea stimulating and interesting.’

The study also revealed that the more women who enjoy milk-filled tea, the more they enjoy the taste.

Dr Mac Inever explained: ‘Women who enjoy the milk-tyed taste of milk-tea are not as likely to drink more milk tea as those who do enjoy it more.’

However, these women might be able to drink a larger amount if they are able to tolerate a lower milk-type drink.’

These women may be able find a more relaxing drink to enjoy with their milk-tweetened tea.’