How the Irish tea craze has turned into a nationwide drink frenzy

When the Irish Tea Craze first started in 2009, there were no bars, restaurants or coffee shops in Dublin.

That changed last year with the launch of ‘Golden Milk Tea’.

A blend of black and golden milk that tastes like the drink of a king, it was named after the Irish monarch who ruled the country from 1749 to 1772.

‘We just wanted to have a bit of fun with it and do something different to the typical Irish drink,’ says owner Paul McGlynn.

‘The milk was a little bit on the lighter side, so people didn’t get too excited.’

We’re not the first to try this and it’s definitely one of the first ones we tried that really worked.’

It’s sold in Dublin, Cork and Limerick, as well as a few other cities in Northern Ireland.

‘It’s quite a big market,’ says Mr McGlynn, ‘but we don’t sell to the general public.’

The golden milk is made from 100% cow’s milk and the drink has been making its way around the world since 2013.

The company has expanded to Cork and Dublin this year and is currently offering the drink in Dublin and Limington.

But it’s not just the milk that’s different to any other drink.

There’s also a golden twist to the drink.

‘When we started in Dublin we were a bit cautious, we were worried about the quality,’ Mr McGlin says.

‘But now we feel we’ve perfected the formula and people are loving it.’

So why are people loving it?

A bit of history Before the Irish Beverage Act was passed in the 1990s, the drink was considered a ‘maltodextrin’ which means it was made with sugar.

But with the introduction of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly drink called ‘Golden Milk Tea’ in the late 1990s it was quickly adopted by the public.

A recent study found that the average Irish person drank 1,000 litres of milk a day in 2011.

‘With Golden Milk Tea we’ve brought in all the traditional ingredients and tried to do it as eco-friendly as possible,’ says Paul McGlyn.

‘To create a milk tea that is as good as or better than what you’d get at home.

It’s very good quality and it tastes great.

‘People love the taste of milk and love the milk quality.

And the way the milk tastes is just so good.

It goes down your throat and it melts into your mouth.’

A drink that has become an international phenomenon There are now a number of different types of Golden Milk Teas, but the original golden milk drink has a long history.

In the 1700s, it came to Ireland from China, and it was sold in shops around the country.

The recipe used in the early 1800s was the same as the drink today.

‘In the 1800s, there was a golden milk in the market that was popular,’ says McGlynn who has sold the drink since the mid 1990s.

‘A lot of people bought it, but it was really difficult to find.’

Today, Golden Milk is still popular, but only as a ‘speciality’ in Ireland.

But what about other countries?

‘It was popular in the UK and other parts of the world as well, but in the US, it wasn’t popular,’ McGlynn says.

Golden Milk isn’t just a drink that people in Ireland love.

‘There are a lot of countries that are making it, such as the United States and South Africa,’ McGlyn says.

People are also using it in the entertainment industry, such a as movies and TV shows.

It also makes a good ‘beverage of the month’ in pubs, bars and restaurants.

‘Some people love the golden milk taste, and others hate it.

There are people who are making a golden tea and drinking it in pubs and restaurants and people like that.’

People love drinking it and it makes for a very fun night out.’

If you’re looking to find out more about Golden Milk tea, you can visit their website.