How to get your milk tea in Myanmar

The Myanmar government is currently in the midst of a major milk tea boom.

With a whopping 8,000 tea houses in Myanmar, a large portion of the countrys total tea consumption, the demand for milk tea is high.

But milk tea lovers have to travel far to get a cup of milk tea.

This guide will show you how to get milk tea from around the country and give you tips to make the best milk tea you can.


Find a milk tea shop In Myanmar, you will find a number of milk teas and tea houses, ranging from the most luxurious to the most basic.

The majority of the tea houses are owned by the government, and are run by local monks or nuns.

They have a strict code of conduct that is enforced.

Most tea houses have a sign on the door that says “please respect all regulations”.

In most cases, you can only get milk teapots if you ask for a tea set, which costs 10 Myanmar kyat (about $2.20 USD).

If you are travelling to Myanmar from the US, Canada, or Australia, you may find yourself spending a lot of time at a tea house.

Some of the most popular tea houses you will be able to find tea set at: Buddha Tea House: BUDDHIST TEAS HOUSE Crown of Thorns Tea House Granma Tea House   Kung Fu Tea House (Kungfu Tea is a mix of tea and martial arts).

Korean Tea House : KOREAN TEASHOUSE Mint Tea House