Why you shouldn’t drink milk from Vietnamese cows

When you ask me, I won’t tell you that I’m lactose intolerant.

But I do have an allergy to milk.

It’s not just me who is allergic to milk, but most people.

I can’t drink it at home because it would be a waste of milk.

There are some milk products that are also gluten-free.

I have no problem with my mother’s milk.

But there are also dairy products that have been tested and found to contain gluten.

I am allergic to dairy products in general, and milk products in particular.

It is possible to get dairy allergies.

In fact, many people with dairy allergies have a condition called milk allergy.

There is a special group of people who can’t get a milk allergy, called lactose-intolerant individuals.

They are people who have a sensitivity to the sugars in milk.

People with lactose intolerance can’t digest the sugar.

They have to absorb it and process it in their bodies.

They also have a more severe reaction to milk than others.

I was a lactose sensitive child, but my milk allergy was never a problem for me.

I did not have any symptoms.

I think it is more common for lactose sensitised people to be lactose tolerant.

There were a lot of lactose allergies in the 70s and 80s, but I was not one of them.

People used to tell me that milk was so bad for me that I would not want to eat it.

The idea of milk, and all milk, was just disgusting.

I don’t remember how I got the milk allergy in the first place.

I remember feeling so sick that I had to be put to bed at night.

It was something that had happened to me many times.

But now I can finally tell you the story.

I started going to the milk shop when I was six.

I would have been six at the time.

One day, I got my first milk from a milk shop in Phuoc Hue.

They said it was a great milk, so I bought it.

It tasted like milk.

I liked the taste, and I wanted more.

But it wasn’t enough.

I didn’t get the taste I wanted, and it wasn, in fact, not good enough for me at all.

I still didn’t understand why milk tastes good.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t taste it.

I just couldn’t get enough of it.

Eventually, I started to feel bad about it, and so I stopped buying milk from the milk shops.

I could never get enough milk, either.

I also stopped buying it from the supermarket because I was afraid of milk that was too thick and had a lot more sugar in it.

When I was about 12, I went to a milk factory in Phan Thien.

I wasn’t going to buy milk because of the thickness, but because I didn: the factory didn’t give me a good price.

I got a good deal at the factory.

There was no way I could afford to buy more than two litres of milk a day.

I had the most expensive milk, which I was always eating at home.

I thought it was fine to eat as much milk as I wanted.

But later on, when I got into university, I realised I couldn, too.

I felt bad about eating more than that, but couldn’t bear to go out and buy it because I knew I would get sick if I did.

I couldn;t bear to buy the milk that I hated, and would end up in the hospital.

So, at first, I thought I was allergic to all milk.

Then I realised it was not just milk, because there were milk products containing gluten too.

That was when I realised that I was lactose resistant.

I used to have a lot in my stomach and that was why I was having trouble digesting milk.

The milk that came in the shops didn’t taste as good as milk I was eating.

And I was starting to get a lot diarrhea from eating it.

So I stopped going to milk shops because I couldn and started eating the dairy products.

It started out as a bad habit, and then I realised the dairy food I was buying was probably giving me a bad diet.

My friends used to say: “Mama’s your milk?”

When I asked them, they would say: “‘Mama’ is her milk, Mama’s milk’.

I would ask: “What is ‘Mama’?

Mama is the milk?

“It was like they were telling me to stop buying milk.

So at one point, I stopped eating milk.

All the milk I had eaten had spoiled, and was full of sugar.

So it wasn;t good for me, either, because I wasn;nt digesting it.

My doctor gave me a solution, which was water, to make sure I didn;t get sick.

When you put the solution