Rabbit milk tea is now available in India and the U.S. as well as Mexico

Axios – Rabbit milk has become a popular drink for Indian and Mexican residents, thanks to a new strain of the beverage that has recently hit the market.

According to the Associated Press, the drink has become popular in the U:n the Us. and India.

There are four varieties of Rabbit Milk Tea, with Rabbit milk being the most popular with Americans.

While the drink is often served as a tea, people have been mixing it into a porcelain or marble porcelaine and serving it as a milkshake.

The drink can be purchased in bars, restaurants and restaurants, and is available in the Mexican state of Jalisco, the AP reported.

Rabbits are used for making Rabbit Milk in the United States, where the drink’s popularity has been growing.

Last year, Rabbit Milk sold for $6,600 at a Mexican restaurant, the Washington Post reported.