‘Hot’ Milk Tea Is Just What Your Teeth Need, Says New Study

Hot milk tea is a great way to help reduce dental plaque, according to a new study from the University of Michigan’s Center for Dairy and Food Studies.

The study, published in the journal Food Chemistry, compared the effects of hot milk tea and plain milk tea.

In their paper, the researchers compared the results of two hot milk teas — one that was boiled to boiling point, the other was boiled for just 30 seconds — for people who have high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

People who drank one of the two tea had less plaque and more saliva than those who drank plain milk.

A third of people who drank the hot milk had lower cholesterol levels than those that drank plain tea.

Hot milk tea has also been used for decades as a dietary aid.

Scientists have shown that it helps with dental plaque reduction by helping to break down the plaque and saliva in teeth.

Researchers also found that hot milk helps people lose weight, reduce inflammation and boost the immune system.

The researchers said the results were “a good first step in an ongoing conversation about how hot milk can be used to prevent and treat cavities.”

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