Genmaichan milk tea is dirty, according to US regulators

Genmaichi milk tea maker LPL said on Friday it had discovered a problem with its product that may have led to the contamination of one of its products.

The company told the Food and Drug Administration that Genmaiche Milk Tea was contaminated with lead-based paint and was “reasonably likely to contain lead.”LPL is the only manufacturer of Genmaican milk tea in the U.S.

Genmaichai, which is owned by the state of Genza in the Republic of Togo, said it had ordered a test to confirm whether the lead contamination in Genmaico Milk Tea had been contained by the manufacturer.LPL said the contamination could have happened because it was not properly handled by the company.

Genmeicha is the brand name for Genmaic milk tea that is produced by a third-party in the Congo.

Lpl said Genmaigas tea was tested for lead, copper, zinc and lead-free zinc in an ongoing investigation.LSPO did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Genmicaicha also owns the Genmaicaic brand of milk tea and the Genmicaic-Korea brand of tea.

L PL said Genmicha had not yet taken any corrective actions on the contamination and that it was working on its own solutions to address the issue.

The FDA is investigating LPL’s findings and said the company has until the end of June to respond to the company’s findings.LPLA said it would continue to work closely with the FDA on the investigation.