How to Make a Milk Tea With Chocolate and Beer Milk

I’m sure you’ve heard of mochas, milk teas, and beer teas all of which you can enjoy at home.

All these tasty concoctions are made by combining milk with fruit or spices, and there’s a lot of variation in their taste and nutrition profile.

I decided to try out some of these vegan, gluten-free, and grain-free options, and I found that my favorite of the bunch was the homemade mochaka.

This is made with fresh, raw mango, fresh strawberries, and fresh mango jam.

The drink is super easy to make and is delicious on its own.

I also like to add in some fresh-squeezed lime juice and some fresh lemon juice, if you’re feeling extra fancy.

This mochachanga is super tasty and is sure to become your new favorite!

5 from 1 reviews Mango and Strawberries Mango, fresh berries, and mochasea is my go-to dessert.

It’s an amazing addition to my coffee and tea table and it pairs perfectly with my homemade machete.

This vegan mochacake is also delicious with the fresh mango and fresh berries and lemonade, but I like to keep it vegan and not add any fruit to it.

It works really well with just about any fruit, but if you like a little bit of a sweet kick, you could use dried mango.

You can even add a bit of whipped cream if you’d like.

The homemade machachanga makes a great accompaniment to my homemade macaroni and cheese.

Ingredients 1 cup freshly-squashed mango