Which milk tea is the best in the UK?

The new milk tea that will be on sale at the beginning of July will be sold in a variety of flavours including ‘creamy’ and ‘sour’.

The new milk teas come from China and are available for purchase through the UK’s national milk supply company, Unilever.

In a statement, Unilife said it was pleased to welcome its ‘world’s first UK-based milk tea company’ into the fold and welcomed its ability to bring fresh milk and dairy products to market.

Unilife milk tea brand ‘Milk Tea’ comes in a range of flavour options, with its most popular milk tea being creamy milk tea.

It comes in three flavours: Creamy, Sour and Sweet.

The company said that it would also launch an ‘extended-range’ of its milk tea in the summer, with milk tea blends including:Milk tea with vanilla and chocolate, which comes in an ‘cream’ and a ‘sherry’ colour.

Milk and sugar-free milk tea with a fresh taste and a soft-flavour finish.

Milker tea with sweet vanilla, and milk tea blended with milk and coconut milk.

Milkers milk tea has a very strong milk taste and flavour, but it also has a sweet, nutty and creamy finish.

Unilever said it would launch a range to complement its existing milk tea range, which includes:Milker milk tea will be available from May 1.

It will also offer milk tea on demand, for customers to choose from in their convenience stores or cafes.