When It Comes to Chinese Milk Tea, You Can’t Buy It Too Cheap

This milk tea was created in a factory and sold at a grocery store for $7.49.

The store has since closed.

In 2016, an investigation by the Associated Press found that milk tea companies had inflated the price of their products, then inflated the prices to the extent that some customers paid more than $20 for the same product.

In 2018, the AP reported that milk teas from China had been selling for as much as $40 per liter in China.

The report found that the majority of the milk tea sold in China was sold at local grocery stores that do not have proper labeling, which made it difficult to determine whether the milk was actually being sold for more than what was actually listed.

According to the AP, the number of products being sold at these stores has doubled over the past two years, and a 2016 investigation by The Wall Street Journal found that some milk teabags in China were selling milk for as little as $0.50 per litre.