How to make the best milk tea for the office

As part of the Dairy Milk Alliance, dairy milk products have become a staple of most offices, but many people have been wondering how to make them the best possible way.

The Dairy Milk Institute says that the best way to make milk tea is to combine all the ingredients, but for the most part you can use whatever you have on hand.

You can also try a mix of milk tea and other milk beverages to achieve the same effect.


Milk Tea Ingredients You can use any milk tea you like.

Some brands, like Starbucks, are famous for their dairy milk tea.

Others, like the Kool-Aid, contain sugar or milk.

You might find that milk tea contains a lot of milk flavouring, or that it’s made from milk from a cow, or milk from cows that you’ve previously bought milk from.


Milk of the Sea The milk of the sea is the most popular milk tea in Australia, with about 80% of people drinking it.

The drink is usually made with fresh milk from fresh water.


Tea of Australia It’s popular in some parts of the country, particularly in Western Sydney.

It’s made with white tea, with milk flavoured water, and is usually served with a splash of cream.


Honey and Vanilla Honey and vanilla milk tea are a great choice for those who like to use their milk in a variety of ways.

If you like to make your own vanilla milk, you can get a small jar from the bakery or at your local cafe.

If that doesn’t work for you, you’ll want to try this recipe from Food Network’s Eat, Drink and Bake.


Mango Milk Tea If you’re looking for a drink that’s a bit different, then this is for you.

The mango milk tea uses mango juice to make a drink, which has a slightly sweet taste and is easy to make at home.


Coffee with Coconut A good cup of coffee can make you feel relaxed and full, so try this coconut milk tea recipe from Lifehacker.


Sweet and Sour You can enjoy a coffee with a sweet and sour twist, or try this lemon milk tea that pairs wonderfully with a hot cup of tea.


Coconut Milk Tea Coconut milk tea comes in all flavours and sizes, so make sure you choose the one that’s best for you by looking for one with a good texture.


Coffee-Mint Tea A coffee-mint tea is a drink made from coffee grounds, with a minty taste.

The milk is added after brewing, and the drink is great to make while you’re sitting around.

It can also be enjoyed as a morning cup, but if you’re a coffee-lover you might want to make it while you sleep.


Lemon Tea This drink has a citrus and minty flavour, and has a sweet aftertaste.

It has been used in tea ceremonies around the world for centuries, and it’s popular among yoga practitioners.


Green Tea This tea is made from tea leaves, and contains a healthy dose of antioxidants, and may even help lower your blood pressure.

It is also great for your eyes, and will keep your eyes healthy for a long time.


Green Apple Tea If your favourite green tea has a hint of apple, this is the perfect drink for you to add to your morning cup.


Green Juice Drink Green juice is made using fresh green leaf, and can be used in many different recipes.

It may also be used to add a touch of sweetness to your coffee.


Blueberry and Peach Juice This drink is made with blueberries and peach juice, and tastes very sweet.

You may also want to mix it with milk tea, or mix it into your tea with a hint to it. 15.

Apple Tea With a dash of honey, this drink is very sweet and refreshing.

It makes a great morning drink or afternoon drink.


Apple Juice with Coconut Juice This green tea drink combines the best of both worlds: apple and coconut.

The sweet and salty taste of the green juice can also give you a refreshing sip when you need it. 17.

Apple and Apple Juice Tea If apple juice is your favourite drink, then apple and apple juice tea is for your tastes.

This tea mix has the perfect balance of sweet and tart, with lots of juice.


Coconut Tea Coconut tea is used in different recipes around the globe, and in this recipe it’s created with coconut milk and apple.

You’ll want a small cup of coconut milk to make this tea.


Lemon Lemon tea has been popular for centuries for its sweet taste, and this lemon tea is perfect for those looking to get their morning coffee on. 20.

Chocolate Lemon Tea Lemon tea is often made with a lemon and cocoa powder, but you can make it with just milk or honey, or you can add some cocoa powder for a stronger flavour.


Vanilla Lemon Tea If this tea mix is your cup of joe, then