Why Thai milk tea is so popular with the NHS

A new study has found that the milk of the Thais is a “good source of vitamin B6” for the NHS.

Researchers at the University of California-Davis, who have been monitoring the health of 1,000 Thai women aged between 40 and 79, found that women drinking the milk were “significantly” better off than women drinking water or tea.

It also showed that the women drank milk from milk that was higher in vitamin B12, which is used to make vitamin B3.

But the researchers say their study also found that milk from the Thai diet is also a good source of folate and zinc, two nutrients found in milk.

The researchers say this means that if the Thaks drink milk from a variety of sources, they may also be less likely to get the common cold, which can be extremely serious.

But there is another reason why Thaks should drink milk.

It is believed that this diet has a high content of vitamin D, which protects against many diseases.

A higher intake of vitamin K, which occurs in the skin of the cow, also helps protect the body against colds.

The Thaks, who live in the south of Thailand, have historically been a poor source of milk.

This is because milk is usually made by the Thai army in exchange for food.

But this is no longer the case, and they now buy their milk from other countries.

The study also examined milk produced in China and found that those who ate the most milk were better off overall.

“The study supports our conclusion that the Thak diet may be a good food for health,” said Dr Andrew Miller, the study’s lead author.

He added: “I think the Thakis diet is a good example of how the Thali diet can be good for a country like Thailand.”

It is estimated that the diet of the Thai people is equivalent to eating around 70% of the world’s total calories, or around 40 calories per day.

So if Thaks consume as much milk as the average Briton, they would consume around 60% of their calories from milk.

And that is only if they were to drink milk at least three times a day.

“That’s the amount of milk that you’d need for a week’s worth of your daily calorie needs,” Dr Miller said.

“It’s a good daily amount, but if you’re eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, that’s probably a lot more.”

It was not all good news for Thaks: the study also showed a negative association between milk intake and mental health, as well as higher blood pressure and diabetes.

“This study does suggest that the dietary advice on the Thai diet should be reconsidered, particularly with regard to vitamin D intake,” Dr Jens van der Meer, a professor at the Netherlands University of Utrecht who was not involved in the study, said.

But he added that the results could not be generalized to the UK, because the study involved people from different countries.

“I have no idea whether the Thasi [Thaks] are a good diet or not, but I would certainly not recommend it to everyone,” Dr van der Mer said.

And while there is currently no definitive answer on whether the milk has any health benefits, Dr van de Meer said he was happy to find that it was “the best food in the world”.

He added that he would recommend people try it.

“If you’ve got a stomach that’s feeling a little bit hungry, you can put your milk in a bottle,” he said.

It may not be for everyone, though.

Some people have complained that drinking a large amount of water from a bottle will make them feel thirsty, which may be harmful.

And the Thalys are known to drink huge amounts of alcohol.

And if you are not used to drinking large amounts of milk, it may not make much of a difference.

But if you want to help your body break down fat and increase the body’s metabolism, Dr Miller says it might be worth giving it a try.

“Even though it’s not the ideal source of B vitamins, if you drink lots of milk it’s the best source of these vitamins that you can get,” he added.

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