Can Milk Tea is one of the most popular milk drinks on the internet, but is it really good?

The Can Milk Tea is a milk drink, made by a company in India. This is the most popular milk drink in the world (around 80 million people live in India ).

But Can Milk Tea is one of the most popular milks on the Internet (not 100% according to Facebook).

Can  Milks Tea has a  negative rating on Facebook.

According to the Facebook rating can milky tea is bad for you and has an overwhelming rating of 2.5 stars.

But does that mean CanMilkTea is not worth trying? 

The Can is a lot cheaper than MilK Tea and is even more nutritious (a 100g can contains 1g of protein and 3g of fibre).

You can also use it for purple rice instead of milka.

The can is made in a humble style and only costs $7.50 per can.

For a $7 can you get MilkedTea for half price.

You can buy Can milk tea online at

If you want to buy milk tea for less than $7 you can use Amazon or B& to buy it directly. 

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