What’s the deal with the new Disney Milk Tea Maker?

Posted February 11, 2018 04:24:30Disney recently launched the new Milk Tea maker for the iPhone and iPad, which it claims is the world’s first milk tea maker to combine an espresso maker with a hot milk teacup.

The new device is the latest iteration of the popular Disney Milk tea maker that debuted in 2017.

While the new version doesn’t come with a single-cup espresso machine, it does have a built-in microwave, making it ideal for the company’s popular Hot Milk tea and other beverages.

While the company doesn’t have specific plans for this product at this time, it is likely that it will launch the Milk TeaMaker on the company to celebrate the new year.

While we’ve yet to see the product in action, the new product appears to have been inspired by the popular coffee and tea makers.

While we haven’t seen the new device in action yet, we do know that it includes a hot-swap water tank for easy storage of milk tea and an electric cup holder.

According to Disney, the MilkTeaMaker is “designed for use in hot, dry, and humid environments.”

Disney also says that the device is compatible with the “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” hot coffee, which has been making headlines since its launch.

While there’s no word on how hot the beverage will be, the company is hoping that it won’t be too hot.

We’ll keep you posted as more details emerge.