Nestea’s new purple milk tea ‘a little bit more intense’

Nestea has created a new purple milkshake flavour, offering a little more intensity to its teas, as the company makes a new move towards a higher profile.

The company’s new milk tea has an added dose of mint, which was used to impart a ‘milky taste’.

Nestea said the milk tea was ‘a touch more intense than its previous purple milks, but still smooth and refreshing’.

Nesteres new milkshakes are available in three flavors: milk tea with mint, milk tea made with almond and milk tea from tea trees.

The milk tea is also available in two colours, with a vanilla milk and chocolate milk tea.

It comes in a range of sizes: about 30ml, 60ml and 150ml.

Nestea says its new milks are ‘more complex’ and ‘taste a little bit sweeter’ than the company’s previous purple teas.

Nesteys new purple teabag has a minty taste.

Photo: Supplied Nestea is currently testing milk teas for the first time and has made a range for men and women, with the new milky milk tea coming in a 30ml and 60ml size.

Nestlea has been looking to shift its focus from teas that are more expensive to teas more affordable.

The new teas are sold for $4.99 at the company store, but the new milk teabags are only available at the retailer for $2.99.

The price point has been a concern for some tea drinkers, as it was initially a much more expensive alternative to the likes of Nestea teas such as Purple Milk Tea and Blue Milk Tea.

But the new teabaks are more affordable and are now more affordable than other teas from Nestea. 

A cup of milk tea in Nestea milk teacups.

Photo via the company.

The brand’s milk tea range is sold in five different colours, ranging from a milk tea like Blue Milk and Purple Milk to a milk-based tea like Mint Tea.

Nesteleas new milk green teabago is available in a blue tea and vanilla milk tea flavour, while Nestelea’s new green milk tea ranges from green tea, lemon and mint to mint, lemon, lemon grass and mint. 

Nestea is looking to attract younger consumers, with its Milk Tea range offering a range from an alternative milk tea to a teacup of milk, with mint and lemon tea. 

The new milk-tea range will also be available in 30ml size, which is more than the original 30ml. 

Mountain Dew is offering a new milk tea range to go along with the range of milk tea flavours, with two flavours available for $7.99 and $14.99, respectively. 

 The brand’s new milka is available to go for $5.99 on its website and in stores. 

‘Nesteys first teas were really good’ Namco Bandai has long been known for creating innovative and high-quality products.

Its new teacap range, on the other hand, is not exactly a new product, as Nestea also recently launched its own milk tea line, which sells for $8.99 a pop. 

But Nestea was also a big player in the teas market, when it released its first milkshack, which it called Purple Milk Teas.

The teacaps are sold in the same sizes as Nesteleys original milkshap. 

In 2017, the company unveiled a new teapot called Nestea Tea Pots.

The pots were made from plastic, which meant they would take a little longer to heat up compared to other teacops, but they did offer an ‘extra dose of sweetness’ to the teacapples milk tea offerings. 

According to the company, it will release another teaput in 2019. 

Taste buds for a Nestea Milk Tea pot.

Photo by Nestea website.