Why Starbucks is making a cup of milk tea

In a sign of the growing popularity of coffee drinks, Starbucks is launching a brand new coffee drink in the United States.

Starbucks says its milk tea is “the first beverage that Starbucks has created specifically to be made in the USA with milk and the original Starbucks flavor.”

The coffee drink, named Milk Tea, comes in two flavors: the original espresso-style drink, and a milk tea version.

It’s available in the US, Canada and Europe.

“Milk tea is the best coffee drink we can make in the world.

It is the ultimate way to enjoy coffee and make it in a fun and easy way,” Starbucks’ global beverage director, David Schoell, said in a statement.

The coffee beverage is designed to appeal to Americans who enjoy a cup at home or for travel.

The drink is available in a limited number of countries including France, Italy, Spain, Spain and Portugal.

Starbuck’s beverage director also said the milk tea beverage will be the “only drink we make in our entire portfolio.”

“Our beverage team is working to get the milk and espresso to all our customers in all our markets,” Schooll said.

The brand also launched its own line of milk teas.